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Fundamentals of The Faith

The Fundamentals of the Faith series contains eight basics doctrines of the Christian faith that will help every Christian to have a stronger faith and deeper appreciation for God and His Word.

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FOF-1 - Good Doctrine

The apostle Paul asked a great question in Romans 4:3, “What does the Scripture say?”

We’re going to be discussing those doctrines and teaching of Scripture that are fundamental to one understanding God's word and New Testament Christianity.

As we think about fundamentals of the faith, laying the correct foundation, it is so important to have that fundamental idea of knowing where our faith comes from. Let’s begin by talking about having the right source and the right doctrine, as our fundamental guide. When you think about the word doctrine, it’s a big word, or a word we don't use a whole lot, but it just simply means teaching. The Greek word didasko, just simply meant teaching. So, when we talk about doctrine, we’re talking about following the right teaching.